Privacy policy and terms of service

Terms of service regulates access and product usage, application usage, website usage and content usage which belongs to Allyes d.o.o.
Please read carefully all terms of service before using our application.
With your access and usage of our services, you agree that you have read, understand and accept our terms of service, which will establish an agreement between You and Allyes company, which also means that all previous agreements between two sides will not be in charge anymore.

Allyes company has all rights to change or stop providing their services, or any part of their services, in any given time, for whatever reason. Accepting and using our services you agree that changes can be made.
Allyes company has all rights to stop providing services if you are not ENPay application user, or you decide to delete your account from ENPay application.


Our services represent modern technology platform, which allows ENPay application users or ENPay website, which have an agreement with Allyes, to use highway road network in online payment system.

If it’s not mentioned otherwise, Allyes is providing services strictly to ENPay application registered users.


If you are registered user, Allyes allows you limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable rights to use services through mobile application on your device or website. In any case rights to use services strictly coresponds to personal use and non-commercial use, if not mentioned otherwise.


While using our services, you are not allowed to:

  • remove logo, watermark or any other mark from any part of “terms of service”;
  • sell, copy, distribute, rent or perfrom any other action which will commerical exploit “terms of service”, if Allyes didn’t allow it;
  • change, modify, decompile any part of terms of service;
  • use any part of “terms of services” to get statistics, indexing or researching;
  • authorize ilegal access to “terms of services” which will jeopardize services to be allowed to users


Services which are part of “terms of services” can be put to use through third party systems, which Allyes can’t control and third party system usage can’t be regulated with “terms of service”.
Therefore, you agree that “terms of services” can be applied by third party company.In that case, Allyes can’t be and it won’t be responsible for any product offered by third party company.

Under “third party company” we are considering Apple Inc and Google Inc., if you are using services through mobile application for Apple IOS and Android.
Third party companies are not responsible for providing “terms of services” and providing support, in any other way.


Services, copyright, data and any other data belongs to Allyes d.o.o, and Allyes d.o.o has exclusive ownership.
Accepting “terms of service” you are getting limited usage of services, which is described in previous statements, but you are not getting rights to use ENPay name, logo or product.



To use all aspects of our service, you must register your personal account in ENPay mobile application.
You must be at least 18 years old, according to regulations of Republic of Serbia.
Allyes d.o.o has all rights to keep your personal information such as: name and lastname, ID number, address, phone number, e-mail address, age and etc.
It’s your responsibility to keep your personal information updated.
If some aspects of our services are not available due to incorrect personal information, Allyes d.o.o is not responsible.
You are responsible for sharing your personal information and you must keep your personal information private.
In some aspects, you will be asked to provide identity proof, so we can provide services. If identity proof is not provided, services will not be provided accordingly.


To use our services you will need a device with internet access.
When using our services, there could be data transfer charge according to mobile network operator price list.

When using our services, software will track GPS location for precise location information gathering.
Using our services, you agree that this data can be collected for better application functioning.


Accepting our “terms of service” you agree that you will pay appropriate charge.
Used parts of our “terms of service” will be summed on 10 days interval, Allyes will send an automatic email with receipt and after 7 days it will be charged automatically from registered credit card.
Ammount that will be charged includes all taxes and fees, according to regulations.


When entering your personal credit card information, data is transfered using secure network in encrypted form.
All payments are processed through gateway of our partner Societe Generale Beograd.
Your personal credit card data is not visible in our system.When adding credit card, ammount of 1RSD will be reserved for credit card verification, but after some time (up to 7 days), this ammount will be returned.All payments will be verified in local currency of Republic of Serbia – dinar (RSD)
Other values will be shown according to exchange rate of Goverment Bank of Serbia.
Ammount will be shown in your local currency, but with conversion of currency which your bank is using.As a result, there will be a significant difference from original price which you will see on bank statement.


Allyes will charge their services according to price list which is already shown.
Allyes has all rights to make changes in price list, but it’s mandatory to publish price list with changes and to inform their customers


In case where you were charged for service that is not a part of agreement, you are allowed to submit a complaint through phone or following instruction on enpay.rs site.All complaints will be processed according to regulations.


In case of refund of funds which were paid with credit cards, Allyes must return all funds through VISA, EC/MC or Maestro payment metho, which means that the bank will return all funds to customers credit card.

4. Warnings, limitation of liability, compensation

Allyes is not business entity registered for controling highway network and accessories. Allyes offers distribution services of ENP Tag devices and road toll charges in online system.
According to that, Allyes can’t guarantee for infrastructure quality, services availability, highway security.
Accepting our “terms of service’, you agree that you are responsible for risk when using services.


Allyes is not responsible for indirect, accidental, punitive damage which can be caused when using services.
Allyes will not be responsible for damage caused by: a) impossibility to use services, if impossibility is caused by your mistake;
b) omission, if omission is caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Limitations in this secion of “terms of services”, were not mentioned to change your customer rights which are guarantied according to regulations of Republic od Serbia.

Ograničenja navedena u ovom odeljku Uslova nemaju za cilj isključenje ili izmenu Vaših prava kao potrošača koja su zagarantovana pravnim sistemom Republike Srbije.


Accepting “terms of services” you agree that you will compensate all damage to Allyes, including law and attorney’s fees, which will be caused by:
a) your usage of services which were not a part of agreement;
b) violation of any provision mentioned in “terms of services”;
c) abuse of data confidentiality;
d) violation of third party rights;


Accepting our “terms of services” you agree that you can’t use our services in way that is disturbing, offensive, threaten, violates privacy, and it’s contrary to the law.
You agree that you will not use services for:

  • upload, transfer or distribution of any kind of software which goal is to damage or change software system or data;
  • sending spam or ads, promotional material, rude or offensive content or any other kind of spam messages;
  • interfere with server or network connected with services;
  • unauthorized access to services using other
  • systems or network;
    harassment of other users of services.

Allyes has all rights to research specific cases and to take appropriate measures again You, if determined that you violated “terms of services’.
Under appropriate measures implies temporary suspension, which means deactivation of account and start of legal proceedings.
Allyes has all rights to cooperate with state authority, and to deliver all appropriate information of user account on their request, including:
IP address, internet traffic from your device, user archive and etc.


Allyes has all rights to change “terms of use” in any moment.
Allyes has all rights to cancel, modify, suspend or abort all services, after informing user on appropriate way, at least 30 days after refusal.
Allyes will publish all changes in “terms of use” on their website and mobile application, at least 30 days after implementation.
Old directives of “terms of services” will be in charge to the moment when new directives implements. For new users new directives will be implemented.


Accepting our “terms of services” you agree that every dispute between You as user and Allyes company, as other side, will be resolved by agreement, using dialog between two sides.
If that’s not possible, both sides has rights to start judicial proceeding, to protect their rights.


“Terms of service” start from the moment of your acceptation and they remain in charge during usage of services.


For all questions related to “terms of services” and their usage, you can write to customer service via email address office@allyes.global.
Allyes will answer to all request according to regulation and timely manner.


This “terms of service” including description of services and privacy statement represent overall and exclusive agreement between Allyes and You, as final user.

Allyes doo
Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 134g, 11000 Beograd
TAX ID 111176103
Company ID 21437000

Tel: +381 11 450 27 85


In the event that you were charged for a service that was not performed in accordance with this contract, you are authorized to submit a complaint in writing: to email podrska@enpay.rs, or by mail: Allyes d.o.o., Milutina Milankovića 134g, 11070 Belgrade, or verbally: by phone at number 0646481377, 0645996122, 0646596739 or by visiting the office in person.

All complaints will be dealt with within the legal deadlines.