Open Balkan

You can activate your ENPay TAG on the OPEN BALKAN platform.
North Macedonia is already active, and soon there will be more destinations from the region.
Activation is quick and easy!

You can access the Open Balkan portal and link your payment card using the following link:


1. Open an account
2. Link your payment card

Through your Open Balkan account, you can access and control transactions abroad.

Currently, only North Macedonia is activated, and soon other countries from the region will also be activated – you will need to link your card additionally for each country.
Please use the license plates that are already in your system when entering vehicle registration numbers / plates. It doesn’t matter if you have changed your vehicle, plates, etc., in the meantime – enter the plates that are already registered on your TAG. You can enter both domestic and foreign vehicle registration numbers, omitting special characters – for example, Š=S, Ć=C, Ž=Z, etc. For instance, ČA=CA, VŠ=VS, KŠ=KS, PŽ=PZ, etc.

The toll charges for passings are debited from your card directly the day after passing through the toll booth.